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Specialty Contact Lenses

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are the latest revolution in durable contact lenses. These larger lenses are created with the same breathable lens material as standard Gas Permeable (GP) lenses.

What makes Scleral lenses so special?

Scleral contact lenses are much larger than standard GP and soft contact lenses. Because scleral contacts are larger, they vault over the cornea and rest on the white portion (aka the sclera) of the eye. This is how they got their name. Due to the larger size, the Scleral lens fits underneath the eyelid, making it very comfortable to wear.

What do Scleral Contact Lenses do for my eyes?

  • Scleral lenses are customized to fit your specific vision correction. Each lens is created to match your individual vision needs.
  • Sclerals allow 2-4 time more oxygen to pass through to your eyes than your typical soft contact. Your eyes need that oxygen to stay healthy, just like the rest of your body.
  • Scleral lenses LAST! Scleral lenses offer more durability, scratch resistance, and long-lasting wear; providing you a great value! Many time Scleral lenses can last from 1-3 years.

How can Scleral lenses help me?

Since Scleral lenses provide superior optics of a GP lens but do not rest on the cornea, they are a great option if you are facing the challenges of an irregular cornea due to:

  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal transplant
  • Dry Eye or other forms of corneal disease
  • Trauma-damaged corneas
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